Oral History

The importance of oral history in the preservation of knowledge about events of the past is becoming better understood in recent times.

Oral History refers to the recording and storage of people’s memories of their unique life experiences.

Indeed, although the term “oral history” was coined during the 1940’s, the origins of oral history go much further back in time. Indeed, records of the Pelopennesian War are based on recounting of details by participants to the ancient Greek historian Thucydides.

The Donald History and Natural History Group recognises the need for information about the past to be collected from those who can speak from personal experience.

We understand the importance of storing this knowledge during the lifetime of the holders of these traditions.

General meetings of the Donald Historical Group have actively supported the oral history tradition by enabling a wide range of people with knowledge of the history of Donald and its environs to present their recollections to our members.

Accordingly, the Group has acquired transcripts ( ) or audio recordings () of many of these presentations.

We now wish to share this Oral History more widely amongst the community. Accordingly, we are now in the process of converting these archival recources into audio podcasts or written transcripts.

As these are processed, they will be published below.

To listen to any of these recordings or read a transcript, simply click on your selection.

History of wheat farming in the Donald district – Harold Flett – October 2018

Innovation and changes in agricultural practices in the Donald district – John Stuchbery – February 2019

Brian Bayles presentation about the history and development of the Buloke Times – March 2019

The Genealogy of the Mellican family over many generations – Brian Mellican – April 2019